Travel Insurance

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~John Lennon

Life does happen.

One of the most controversial decisions about booking travel is Travel Insurance. Do I buy or not? Does my credit card offer protection? What about my health insurance?

There was a time I never bothered purchasing travel insurance. Knowledge is power.

A family member (or ourselves) may fall seriously ill, a death in the family may occur, we may lose a job or our boss may revoke our previously approved vacation.

Our travel plans, often nonrefundable, may change instantly. The best way to protect your travel investment is to purchase travel insurance.

When you have travel insurance from one of my trusted providers, the frustration of unexpected illness, cancellation, or delays can often be minimized with insurance covering out of pocket expenses.


As a travel advisor, I have had clients cancel their plans just weeks before planned travel due to health concerns and a physician ‘grounding’ them. The cost of an insurance policy is minor in comparison to the expense of flights, hotels, tours, and other pre-paid expenses.

For maximum coverage (generally including pre-existing conditions), insurance should be purchased on the same day that you make your initial deposit, but many policies can be purchased up until just before departure to give you coverage while you travel.

The two companies I work with most often are TravelSafe and Allianz.

TravelSafe – this link takes you directly to the site to generate multiple quotes for your travels TravelSafe is a privately owned travel insurance company designed for people who love to travel.


Allianz Global Assistance – this link will allow you to generate a quote for the mid-range Classic Plan. For a plan that offers a “Cancel Anytime” option, please email me for a quote. For international travel, it is recommended that you purchase a minimum of the Classic level plan.Allianz Global Assistance Logo 234x60

If you have questions, please contact me.

If you purchase a policy from the above links, please forward your confirmation email to so I can add it to your file.

*Both plans are intended for citizens of the United States.