Genuine, personal interest

I had never been on an organized tour excursion of any kind when I signed up for the Beatles Pilgrimage tour. The first order of business was to connect me with Hey Wanna Go Travel and the incomparable Cheryl O.

Cheryl handled all of the arrangements for the tour, cheerfully and expertly. There was no detail too insignificant for Cheryl to address. Because this was my first time traveling to London, I decided to tack on four extra days to do some general sightseeing in London. It was in making these arrangements that Cheryl’s skills shined brightest!

I gave Cheryl a general list of sites I wanted to cover during those extra days, and Cheryl arranged a logically-ordered itinerary for each day. Not only that, Cheryl also arranged for the advance purchase of tickets, to minimize the amount aggravation I would have to deal with when onsite.I would heartily recommend Cheryl, and Hey Wanna Go Travel, to anyone looking for professional assistance to assure that their vacation time is spent as they planned it. Cheryl takes a genuine, personal interest in arranging your travel plans. Cheryl makes you feel as if you were her only client, and what a wonderful way to plan your vacation that is!

Dave H.