All We Could Dream Of

You want to experience the unusual- a tour that isn’t cookie cutter? Than you need Hey Wanna Go travel! 
With Hey Wanna Go, it’s like London on steroids with all the hassles taken out. It’s a vacation of a lifetime.

Cheryl is committed to caring about the details. Our trip was all we could dream of including exploring London history, the British Invasion, all the way to the Beatles tour. We had specialized tour guides that gave us historical background on the Royals and rock groups such as Queen, LED Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. Cheryl specialized each minute of each segment of our tour. We giggled as we saw huge buses simply drive by locations that we were excitedly entering. We sat at the table in Paul McCartney’s house and chatted casually in his kitchen.

How would you like to meet actual people who were involved with the Beatles history or meet guides who actually participated in music composed by Queen? Everyone I tell of my journey is amazed by what we were allowed to do and see through Cheryl’s planning and creativity. 

It took me weeks to come down from the high of this trip, and Cheryl, we can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful memories and laughs!

Trust me on this! Book Hey Wanna Go now!

Donna B., Southington, CT, May 2019