Why Use A Travel Agent?

“Why use a travel agent?”

  • For many, planning travel can be stressful. When this stress leads to confusion, booking errors happen. I have known people who booked flights for the wrong day, being forced to pay for extra hotel nights. Others clicked the wrong check-out date for their hotel and were [almost] homeless in London! Finding a last minute hotel cost them hundreds of extra dollars, not to mention having to move hotels for their last night.
  • I can save you time and money! I love to find the best value for your vacation dollar. I participate in training, webinars, and conferences to meet suppliers and learn more about the locations you want to visit. I take my job seriously and plan every trip as if it was a trip for my own family. Should you run into any problems, I am your advocate and work on my end to resolve any issues.
  • I work with many different suppliers and am able to create custom itineraries for my clients.

“What do you charge?” 

  • Nothing!

“How do you make money?”

  • Commission is paid to me by the supplier after you travel. My only request is to please respect that my time is valuable. If we work together to create your dream trip, I ask that you book your travel through me.

“Are you going to try to sell me things I don’t want?”

  • No! I will make recommendations based on the information you provide to me. I understand and respect your budget and will work to give you the best value for your travel investment.

“But I love booking online with the discount brokers!” 

  • I have used them, too! When they work perfectly, they work perfectly!  My frustration came when we saved $20 on a hotel room in Maui, only to arrive and be “walked” to their sister [lesser] facility. It was NOT how I wanted to start my Maui vacation. I would have gladly paid the extra $20 to be where I chose! When I am planning a memorable travel experience, that is not how I choose to save money.
  • When you book through an OTA (Online Travel Agent) website, you are not guaranteed to receive what you pay for. “Caveat emptor” comes into play. If this is how you choose to book, be certain you understand what you are getting.
  • Unlike a discount booking website, I will be your advocate and am available 24/7 by email, phone, or text to help solve any issues that may happen while you are traveling.