About Hey Wanna Go

Cheryl Ogle

As a young child, my parents took me and my siblings on countless road trips. Each one was an adventure, and (with the help of Dramamine) I saw much of Texas, Colorado, and the Southwest. As I got older, I realized the world was bigger than Texas (though few Texans believe this reality).

I had been planning my own family’s travel for many years, but my adult passion for travel kicked in when I received a text asking, “Hey, wanna go to Italy?” “YES!”

I was hooked. Soon after, I took the next steps to become eligible to book travel for others. Hey Wanna Go [Travel Services] took root. God created a beautiful world and I believe that we can learn much about each other when we explore it.

Why is my logo a key?

I have always loved the mysteries that old keys hold. What might they unlock? I believe travel is the same way. It unlocks a deeper understanding of different cultures and people. It allows you to see places in person and connect with locals.