London Day 1/Saturday 

Dressed in yesterday’s clothes, fresh from being washed in the sink (haha), Tony (tour owner/host) and I headed out to get to know the area where the hotel is.

First stop: famous Portobello Road Market. I’ve been to Portobello Road but never on market day. It was incredibly crowded but also a lot of fun. The vendors were varied, from antiques to jewelry to interesting food (potato chips on a skewer and ginormous cast iron pans of paella. This area is lovely. There are many quaint English houses and the flowers are never ending. We separated and each did our own shopping before meeting back up at the bottom of the street. If not for the crowds making it difficult to see some things, I would have enjoyed staying all day.

We had a quick lunch at busy Electric House Diner where we sat at the counter and watched the cooks. Remarkable how many orders they turned around in the time we were there. After watching them prepare a Philly Chili Cheese Dog, we both simultaneously said “That’s what I’m having.” Delicious!

A good day and a productive one. Tomorrow – more prep for the BeatleTour.

Update: It’s 3:00am and I just received my suitcase. Yay for a change of clothes, makeup, hair straightener! 🤗

2 thoughts on “London Day 1/Saturday 

  1. Oh my that “dog” looked fantastic!!! Maybe you should start a group tour to London sans Beatles??? It’s not that I don’t like the Beatles but I don’t want a tour focused on them.

    SO glad again you got your suitcase!!!


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