On to London by way of Germany

I’m not sure that it counts as going to Germany when I only sat in the Stuttgart airport. I’m pretty sure that it does not count. But still, I will have breathed air in three different countries by the time I go to bed tonight.

If spending money in an airport counts toward anything, though, then I’ve been to Germany. I treated myself to a nice lunch with poached salmon and an overpriced Coke Zero with no ice. I bought a piece of chocolate and a bottle of water. Add another gift shop in my terminal, I bought cough drops, mints, and a pen. The cough drops kind of sum up how I’m feeling today. I’m not sure what’s going on with my throat but if I felt better tomorrow, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. Then there was the little shop for the gals ask if they could straighten my hair with your magic straightener. I told them off the bat that I had no more euros and I was not looking to buy anything and if they still wanted to play with my hair, they were welcome to. They straightened my hair and told me this magic straightener was only €129. I told him I appreciated the opportunity and I would see how I like my hair and if I wanted to buy, I would be back. A quick check on Amazon to show that I could purchase the same thing for just under $40 and same day delivery. Sorry salesgirls, but I choose $40 over €129.

Spending such a long block of time in an airport is interesting. Honestly, my head and ears hurt from listening to German announcements and German conversations all day. Nobody here speaks English. I suspect when I go to my gate for the flight to London, the odds will be better. Even with the language barrier, and it is no different, really, then spending time at LAX. You see the same types of people. The frat boys grabbing beer before their flights. Mothers mwith worn out children trying to make the best of travel. Businessmen and women are headed home after a week of travel and making business calls while waiting for their flights. Those of us traveling alone have our eyes focused on electronics. I have walked the length of my terminal countless times and I am anxious to board my last flight. Maybe it will be like my flight from now I guess where I was asleep before they completed the boarding process.

I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow: The world famous Portobello Road Market!

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