Malaga, Day 2

I’ve adjusted well to the time. By “well” I mean that last night I went to sleep by 3:00am and slept a solid 3 hours before waking at 6:00 and laying there for an hour or two before falling back asleep until 11:00. I felt guilty for sleeping, but remind myself I’m still adjusting, and also on vacation, so relieved myself of guilt early on.

We walked a LOT today, like yesterday. It’s an easy city to get around and there are so many beautiful buildings to see.

Things we were in search of today: hamburger, ice cream, postcard stamps, museums. We found all, but the museum we wanted to visit was closing in 45 minutes, so we decided to save it for tomorrow.

By the way, ice cream here is amazing. Why is that? I had what was essentially a coffee float. Cold coffee with a scoop of Turron (almond) ice cream.  They also make these with fresh whipped cream instead of ice cream. I’m pretty sure we need to go back tomorrow and try that…just for comparison, I mean. Seems it would be the right thing for a travel consultant to do, right?

Several restaurants advertise roast suckling pig – a delicacy I have had in Madrid, but not here.

Tomorrow is my last day in Málaga. I already know I need to come back!

PS – we went to a market around the corner from Sara’s house. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some gorgeous zucchini for .75/kilo (2.2 pounds). Imagine fresh veggies for about 35 cents a pound!

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