Malaga, day 1

Clothed in my friend’s donations (haha), no make-up, and frizzy out of control hair, Sara and I ventured out to see the city. Sara has lived in Malaga for about three months and has a good handle on the Spanish language, as well as some local friends.

First up – not far from her home sits Pablo Picasso. Of course, a photo op for sure!

From there, a walk through beautiful gardens that house thousands of wild parakeets. The lovely fountains, foliage, and flowers were a treat to see.

Moving on toward the beach, we enjoyed a beach-side lunch where popular chiringuitos are set up. These small fish are on spears and cooked over an open flame. We shared a seafood platter that was delicious, but too much grease to want to repeat it!

After waiting on a bus that never appeared, we took a 5 Euro taxi up the hill to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, including the areas we had walked around earlier that day. It was a little foggy, but still easy to see what a beautiful place this is.

Coffee is big here (thankfully!) and Sara picked up this postcard for fun. It helps you know how to order your coffee with the coffee/milk ratios. I’m a Mitad/Semi-Largo fan. You?

In other news…my suitcase was located and put on the Tuesday flight from Paris (1 flight per day, apparently) and delivered about 10:30pm Tuesday night. After being reunited, we decided it was time for a very late dinner of chicken gyros from a place in Plaza Merced. Delicious!! In hindsight, we are trying to decide if they were really that good, or if we were just starving. I’m choosing to stick with delicious.

A very late (2-3:00am) bedtime after a fun day means sleeping in on Wednesday!

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