Blowing the dust off this blog.

From the looks of my blog, I haven’t traveled since February. That would be a serious shame, wouldn’t it?! It’s also not accurate. I simply haven’t travel BLOGGED since then. Let’s see…I took a road trip from CA to TX with daughter #2 and granddaughter #2, flew to both Iowa and Texas for daughters #3 and #4 college graduations, and a few other quick trips. All good trips, but too fast and very little time to blog.

I have also started working part-time in the travel industry. Because I LOVE to dream about different places, it made sense to sign up under a host agency and start learning the planning side. I love it! I have also been working in a customer service role with, the company I took a tour with last October. I am able to combine the two jobs to help tour participants make travel arrangements, in addition to adding on some other activities. Maybe at 51, I am finding my niche?!

And, what better time to blow the dust off of my blog than to take a good trip?! I’m in the UK the next two weeks with my friend, Marilyn, who wanted to take the BeatleTour again. We arrived yesterday, 10/3, and I will kick off our tour blog with my next post.

Til then…


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