Jade/day 4: Belize City

The good part about a stop in Belize is that it is BEAUTIFUL! The bad part is that it is a 35 minute tender ride from the ship. I always ask to be the last one to board so I don’t sit on a swaying boat any longer than necessary. There was a lot of confusion and delay with getting the ship cleared today and tenders started much later than the anticipated 9:00 time. It made for some good people watching time and seeing those who can go with the flow vs. those who were upset about the delay and pushing to the front of the line because they felt entitled to get to their excursion before the rest of us. Interesting for sure. 

I had a last minute change of heart and did not join Laura and Robin for the cave tubing. After hearing about it, I’m confident I made the right decision! They had fun but it was a long difficult day and they had no time left to shop at the port. I’m not a big shopper but I do enjoy looking for odds and ends of fun things to take home to a couple of people. Mom and I shopped and had lunch at the port and returned to the ship for a nap (me) and some sketching (duh, her!). Dinner again tonight at the buffet and we are back to the room early tonight. Laura is napping and promises to wake later to play cards with Mom and Robin. I’m blogging and hooked on a coloring app, so enjoying a quiet, restful evening. Tomorrow is Roatan and we have a 5 minute tender ride to the dock and only about 6 hours in port. We plan to take a taxi to a beach for the day, but we are all so tired tonight that I’m doubtful we make it an early day.

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