Jade/Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel is an easy port, we have always had great weather, and there is no shortage of people begging you to come into their shops to take a look. “Pretty lady, it’s my turn now. Come see what I have for sale. Cheap prices only for you today.” It goes on and on. We bought a few small trinkets but are not looking for anything in particular.

Three years ago we discovered the Paradise Beach Club in Cozumel. A $16 taxi ride from the cruise terminal and a $3 entrance fee buys you a beach chair and access to the PBC grounds all day. You are asked to spend more in food/beverages but that’s easily covered by ordering lunch. [Or if you are like many of our cruise mates, it’s covered by hitting the bar. No judgment but we are curious as to how much a moderate drinker might spend in alcohol on a week long cruise vacation. This evening at a game show (“Majority Rules”), one table of people in their 60’s were so loud and coarse that most of us around them thought they should have been asked to leave. Have a drink or two if you want but when you start ruining things for other people, you’ve had too much…time to take the ‘party’ elsewhere.] Anyway, PBC is a great family friendly option with inflatables in the ocean for kids and young-at-heart to climb on to their hearts delight. There is an extra charge for that option but we have seen a lot of kids (and dads!) having a blast!

Today we docked next to the Disney Fantasy ship. As my younger sister told me, I always have ship envy when we dock by larger ships but the Disney was spectacular. When we returned to the dock near time to leave, the Fantasy was playing simple Disney tunes from their horn. Our ship ‘answered’ back with a long blast. I suspect prices for a Disney cruise are easily double what we paid but for Disney lovers like my daughter #4, probably worth every penny. I foresee a Disney cruise in my future.

Entertainment tonight on the ship was a magician that Robin and I enjoyed. His wife is his assistant and they worked as a great team.

Food on the ship is good but nothing overly special. We certainly aren’t going hungry but have opted for the buffet over the main dining room just to have more choices. I love Indian food and since I rarely eat it at home, cruises always give me plenty of Indian options.

One favorite activity for the four of us is to look at the photographs posted of activities on the ship. The Jade is one of the last ships to go digital so they still print 5×7″ prints and post throughout their photography area. There are highly photogenic people out there. And then there are the rest of us, emphasis on “US!” We have not yet decided what to buy but pretty sure it won’t be the photo of Laura sticking her tongue out at the photographer as he interrupted our dinner to take a picture!

The waves kicked up a bit as the evening continued, so a Meclizine and bedtime will wrap up the day.

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