Days 6 & 7: At Sea

Thursday and Friday were “at sea” days. Thursday was quite cloudy and windy, then winds kicked up late morning, foiling any real efforts of sunbathing by the pool. Friday was nicer, but since we were getting closer to Texas, the temperatures were dropping a bit, as well. We did very little, but continued our quest to find good food on board. I hate sounding negative, but it just did not impress. We found an evening crepe bar in the buffet where they make beautiful crepes and offer nearly a dozen toppings like canned pie filling. Now why ruin a lovely crepe with canned pie filling? I asked for a plain crepe, found a pat of butter, two lemon slices, and a couple of packets of sugar and made something delicious. The crepe maker watched and made his own and declared it a keeper. 🙂

One of the highlights of the week for us was the comedian they had on board, David Naster. We enjoyed his shows and the messages he was making. Aside from being funny, he did a show on becoming bully-proof that is an excellent message for junior high and high school teachers. Really an excellent entertainer – clean, funny, and suitable for all ages. I have ordered one of his books and hope it will be there by the time I work my way home on Sunday.

Back to port on Saturday morning. We will hang on to our luggage and walk off the ship on our own instead of being delayed throughout the morning. We have a 10+ hour drive back to Lubbock and need to get an early start.

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