Time for a cruise.

I feel a small amount (very, very small) of guilt while the northeast part of the United States braces for Winter Storm Jonas and I pack my swimsuit and flip flops and head for a Western Caribbean cruise. OK, there’s really no guilt. This is something my sisters and I do with our mom every January. It’s become a nice tradition and we look forward to it as a time to sunbathe, read countless books, laugh, connect, and just celebrate being friends. My mom and sisters love playing cards. I am good for about 3 minutes of cards, then I need a book or something else to do. We’ll see how easily I’m able to duck out of the card fest this year.

Tomorrow I fly to Houston. Vacation officially begins when I leave my house, so the sooner I go to bed tonight, the sooner I can get up and go in the morning!

Hey, wanna go?


2 thoughts on “Time for a cruise.

  1. I was just checking if you posted a blog and then this popped up! YES, I wanna go! But not this time. My favorite part of a cruise is just watching the water, the refreshing sea air, and the peace I feel watching the water flow by,,, ENJOY!!! (I saw your itinerary, very nice!)


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