London/Day 5

First, good news!!! I do believe pictures will now post at this hotel. 😀

Our group took the High Speed Train from Liverpool to London today. I was excited to see how it compared to the Italferr trains Terry and I rode in Italy last spring. Speeds ranged from 125-150mph, I believe, with some increases a bit higher. It takes right at two hours to get to London and the ride was smooth. Marilyn believes that the train bathroom was much nicer than the airplane bathroom and was impressed with the train overall. I did well for about an hour before queasiness set in a bit. Some of that may have been because I was offered a “Scotch Egg” which turned my stomach when I learned what it was. Why are the British so in love with EGGS?! They really glommed onto The Incredible Edible Egg! And the only thing worse than a runny egg is a hard boiled egg. 😛

After a bit of time checking into the hotel, we were able to do what we wanted. Most of the group headed for a late lunch. I went with a couple from Illinois for pizza while Marilyn unpacked. It was delicious and I enjoyed learning more about them. As I say often, “Everybody has a story” and they are no different. I did not come on this trip to make new friends, yet I feel like I am leaving with several.

The hotel, Premier Inn, is probably equivalent to a Holiday Inn back home. It’ll do the job but we have no top-hatted doorman to greet us like at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel. I’m certain we will survive. It does come with a full English breakfast that was a wonderful addition, plus it is clean, well equipped with plugs, and has great wifi. We are across the street from the British Library, home to the Magna Carta and many other stunning pieces of history. The true Beatles fans surrounded the Beatles drafts, while I found the Beethoven and Chopin manuscripts and was teary-eyed thinking of these masters using a quill and ink to create such beautiful pieces. The Library is truly a treasure and also contains early manuscripts of the Bible, also emotional to see, knowing somebody else held those works and perhaps grew in their faith as a result of the mere existence. A very special sight to see, for sure, and I wish we had more time there. Yet another reason to return.

Tonight’s itinerary included drinks (I do rock the bottled water!) with Tony Bramwell, a lifelong  friend of the Beatles, a stroll to a pub for dinner and more stories. (It should be noted that sticky pudding was on the dessert menu and I opted to not order, but only because of peer pressure since nobody else wanted any.) I had short ribs for dinner and they were wonderful. Several others had “bangers and mash” and, after tasting, that will be my next pub meal. Marilyn had fish and chips and said they were good, as well. Tony B is an interesting man to talk to. He appears to be a man of few words but quickly warms up and becomes more talkative. His memory is remarkable. My daughter, Kaylie, is always asking random open-ended questions and I took that from her and asked what his most unusual food ever eaten was. “Snake soup.” (Do not google this. The images will give you the willies.) And now you have a bit of trivia about Tony Bramwell. The whole gang was tired and opted for bed shortly after 10:00pm. I hoped to find at least one person who wanted to go have coffee and dessert but I had no takers. (Boooo!) Seems a waste of time to actually sleep when you’re in another country.

And now…photos. Finally!! The wifi in this hotel is terrific!

Part of the group (L-R): Carol, Frank, Tony (tour guide), Claudia, Marilyn, Richard, Pat, Tony B (waving), and one of the two Barbaras.
Ready to board the train: 

Train selfie with Marilyn: 
We are having fun and can’t believe this long-awaited trip has finally arrived!

Me and Tony B. He is very tall and leaned over, almost in a chokehold, to pose for pictures. Or it was all the beer he had. 😳 
Time for bed. Tomorrow: Abbey Road crossing!

4 thoughts on “London/Day 5

  1. It’s so nice to have the smaller group to travel with. I know we still remains friends with several from our 2009 Rick Steves tour.

    Yep-Bangers and Mash – what’s not to like?


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