Liverpool/Day 4

Tomorrow we head to London. Exciting but also a little sad because Liverpool is fabulous!

Today was a full day bus trip and a fabulous day! Strawberry Field, the birthplace of Paul McCartney, childhood homes of George and Paul, an extensive tour of the Casbah, lunch at The Dovey, cemetery visit to attend a ceremony for John’s uncle (who raised him, along with his aunt). Members of the Quarrymen were in attendance and humbly autographed books and took pictures when asked. They were so very gracious. After the ceremony, all in attendance were invited to have tea and cake to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday. On no other tour will you do and see these things!

Our tour guide, Tony, treated us to see the production of “Let it Be.” It was amazing! The show went strong for over 2.5 hours. A true treat. About half the group lingered in the hotel bar after the show. Wild folks that we are, most sipped hot English tea. ☕️ The group continues to be a lot of fun. Lots of camerarerie and people are able to tease back and forth easily.


Tomorrow is a travel day and then we have the afternoon to explore London on our own. Our mode of travel is the high speed rail. I’m super excited about that. Sorry, Terry! 😎

Time to attempt to sleep if I can turn my brain off.

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