Liverpool/Day 2

Long day today. Mostly because I couldn’t sleep much and only got 3.5 hours of sleep, plus a 5-6 hour nap in the afternoon yesterday. For those who helped entertain me by playing Words With Friends, thank you.

Marilyn and I enjoyed a traditional English breakfast. Well, there were parts we didn’t have – stewed tomatoes, baked beans, but we gave it all a jolly good effort! Marilyn discovered she’s not a cappuccino person…and I remembered how much I enjoyed the European cappuccino.

Today we opted to skip the Tea we had mused about and walk 1/2 mile to the Walker Art Gallery. Most museums here are government run, so they are free. There were several school groups, from probably 1st grade up to high school, and it was exciting to see them enjoying the arts. There are many exhibits with things for kids to do and see, so I suspect it’s a popular field trip. Older boys were respectful and quick to hold a door open for these two old ladies.

After the museum, we headed for a late lunch. We hoped to go to a burger joint that has great reviews but wandered in a cool guitar shop and the owner directed us to another street with many more authentic options. Chez de Coq (I believe it was) had a rotisserie lunch special that was nothing to blog OR write home about but it was nourishment and got us to evening. We both wanted something sweet and found an ice cream shop that fit the bill. 🙂

We met up with the tour group tonight for dinner at Thomas Rigby’s Pub and a bit of a walking tour of the area. It’s a great group of nice folks, many who have had this Beatles Tour on their bucket list for years. There are 12 of us tourists and Tony, our fearless leader. I’m pitching a marketing idea to him this week because he needs my administrative services. He’s just not aware of it yet. 😉

Time to cross my fingers and try to upload a photo or two. (And … no success … if you really care, text me and ask!)

Tomorrow…tours of the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.



2 thoughts on “Liverpool/Day 2

  1. You know I’m interested in the photos! 🙂 I need a map to visualize where you are and where you are going to I’m going to look for that. Hope you have a happy day!

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