Liverpool/Day 1

Because we arrived early, we were able to get through customs in less than 5 minutes, get our bags, and get on a “coach” from Manchester to Liverpool two hours earlier. It is just under an hour’s ride and once we exited the freeway, traffic was stop and go. Lots of what we would consider close calls with our big bus merging and cutting in front of tiny cars but we made it unscathed. We are both prone to carsickness, or at least “that feeling” and were ready to get off the bus upon arrival. 😛 The coach was 7.5 GBP, reasonable for how far we went. It was easy to get a taxi (3.5 GBP) on to our hotel. Because we were now 4 hours early for check-in, we were pleasantly surprised that our room was ready and they graciously checked us in. We did some unpacking and headed out in search of food and some shopping. The Hard Day’s Night hotel is sophisticatedly decorated with huge Beatles photographs everywhere and Marilyn is eating it up! It really is very cool. We are near a huge shopping area with stores from home – Forever 21, H&M, TK (yes K) Maxx, and even a little Chipotle-style place touting California style burritos. We opted for fish and chips and, being English, they came with peas. And somebody tell my mom who won’t read this that I ate half of my peas. 🙂   We both agreed later that we had been very hungry which is what made it taste so good. Loaded baked potatoes are popular here and looked good. One was loaded with shrimp in a creamy pink sauce. There is a “Pound store” which is the equivalent of our Dollar Tree. The prices seem very fair (keeping in mind that a pound is about $1.50) and we saw lots of fun and different food items. Canned macaroni and cheese or canned spaghetti with hot dogs (Big Bang Theory!), anyone?!

By 3:00 or so, we were exhausted and came back to the room and laid down. We knew it was a mistake, but had no other choice but collapse out of sheer exhaustion. We awoke at 9:00 pm, HUNGRY. Marilyn brought along quite a few snacks so she nibbled a bit and then was back asleep before midnight. I caught up on some emails, Words With Friends, and, 3+hours later, not tired yet. Our Beatle tour starts late this afternoon (10/7) so we have all day to explore and also think we will go experience Afternoon Tea here at the hotel before meeting our group.

It’s time to attempt to sleep or I’ll pay for it tomorrow. One last attempt at  uploading a picture.


3 thoughts on “Liverpool/Day 1

  1. How was the tea? I had English High Tea in Victoria, BC (Empress) and it was quite impressive. I hope your internal clocks will adjust soon!


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