Earlier this year I was invited to be an exhibitor for one of my accounts (I am an independent contractor) at a training/conference in Philadelphia in August. I was pretty excited because it was going to give me the opportunity to network with a lot of people I have emailed and called for several years with this account, but also learn about potential changes coming in the future for the program I work with.

My overall impress of Philadelphia was not much to write home about. It’s a city filled with history, but in our experience of walking to restaurants in the evenings, it’s also one that reeks of urine on the sides of buildings and panhandling (and we were in a fairly nice part). Of course the panhandling is seen in many places these days, but it makes walking around in the evening [alone] a little uncomfortable.

Philly’s claim to fame (history aside) is the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Now, I didn’t go to the popular places because I was alone and a chicken and went to the closest place to my hotel. BUT…I’m just not getting it. The meat was a good quality but had no flavor. I kept adding salt but it was a little underwhelming.


Reading Market – AMAZING. Wish we could have spent hours walking around. The gals I went with wanted to go eat dinner somewhere else, so our time was limited there.


Liberty Bell. No, it doesn’t have feet, but I would still be waiting for that “good picture” so I lowered my standards and snapped. The picture, I mean.


Independence Hall and all of its treasures:


Now, work-related and on one of the tours they offered, a trip to the Philadelphia Eagles stadium. I am in no way endorsing those Eagles. Everybody knows I like the Cowboys and the Cowboys ONLY. BUT it was still pretty cool to have a behind the scenes tour, eat lunch in the pressbox, peek in the locker room, go out the tunnel and on the field, and even see the goalpost being raised. Still, too bad it wasn’t for a different team. 🙂

IMG_2251 IMG_2244

Another stop on our tour included a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. Another place where extra hours would have been amazing. I enjoy zoos but the cat walks they have created were amazing. This tiger walked across us several times. It may or may not have been lunchtime, of course. Come to think of it… But really, a very cool zoo (and the oldest in the United States) where people are passionate about the best interest of animals.


OK. Those are some highlights of Philadelphia. Coming up next? MAUI! More food and sunsets. 🙂

One thought on “Philadelphia

  1. I was not impressed with a Philly cheese steak either. However, I didn’t notice any “smells” and such when we were there but it was 2001, so things could have changed.


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