My neglected blog. And Santa Fe.

I’ve neglected my travel blogging. And my regular blogging, too, but that’s another story. It seems like the older I get, the more busy life gets and time is flying by at warp speed.

Last time I blogged, I had Santa Fe, NM in sight as my next trip. It was for work, but any time work takes me to New Mexico, it’s worth bragging blogging about. Three things draw me to New Mexico: family, food, sunsets. And yes, in that same order, too. Mostly. Yeah, probably. I think.

I haven’t lived in New Mexico since 1987 but it still feels like home to me. I packed plenty into my week there: countless cheese enchiladas (not at one sitting, though that would have been AWESOME!); more sopaipillas than I should admit to; learning about the New Mexico Shrimp Company and tasting the fruits of their labor; a hike through Bandelier National Monument; dinner at the top of the Sandia Peak Tramway; great networking opportunities and new contacts; and spending some time with my sister and father, which is always priceless. Because I am behind, I’m going to skip the pictures. Because, really, nobody wants to see pictures of somebody else’s cheese enchiladas. Do they? 


Sunset from Sandia Peak.


Networking buddies. Really. We worked hard. And laughed.


Really, “Christmas” has such a wonderful meaning in New Mexico.


Selfie with my gorgeous sister and handsome dad. I don’t know why selfies always make me look like I weigh so much. I’m certain the cheese enchiladas have nothing to do with it, right? RIGHT?

Up next? Philadelphia! Today is catch-up day. Apologies to my three readers who may get emails today telling them I blogged.

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