Next up…Santa Fe!

I love being home, but always enjoy having that next trip to look forward to. What’s in store next? Santa Fe next month. Philadelphia in August. (Both of these trips will be for work.) Maui in September. Reno in October. (More work.) Sacramento in December. (More work.)

Wait. Something’s missing.

Oh yeah. ENGLAND IN OCTOBER! A dear friend has a bucket list and a retired husband who is not interested in travel. She’s asked me to accompany her on a week long Beatles Tour in Liverpool and London. She’s a huge Beatles fan and it should be a ton of fun. She is a serious planner and already considering what suitcase to take. Now THAT’S what I call an excited traveler! Flights are booked, so it always becomes a little more real after that.

But for now, I have an annual meeting to look forward to in Santa Fe, NM. That also gives me a chance to visit a day with my sister and dad, so it’s win-win!

Where are YOU headed?

2 thoughts on “Next up…Santa Fe!

  1. I’ve been in Yosemite all week. Headed home today. Will be back in about six weeks though! And we’re headed to Gardnerville, NV next month for a weekend to visit some extended family with Evelyn. Fun! Have a great time in Santa Fe! And your other destinations too.


  2. I’ll be in England in October!!! We fly to Edinburgh Scotland 10/6 for a few days and then take the train south through England. We may stop in Stratford Upon Avon before heading to London. Fly home on 10/16. Perhaps we’ll run into each other in those strawberry fields forever!


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