So maybe Texas isn’t like a trip to Italy, but it is still a trip, doggone it! 🙂 Taylor and I are flying to Lubbock today and driving to the Dallas area tomorrow.

Taylor will be spending her summer as a Youth Intern in a suburb of Dallas. It’s exciting for sure to see her growing up and putting into practice what she has been studying in school, but we will miss having her around this summer.

While in Dallas, we plan to meet my second cousin, whom I found on the Internet a few months ago. A WWII Veteran, I am thrilled to have the honor to meet him. We correspond by mail regularly and he has been sharing family photos and stories. We also hope to sneak in a visit with Flashthedonkey.com who lives fairly close to Taylor’s internship in Mansfield.

Those twin good-byes never get easier: 

 Can’t fly without a selfie! 


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