Botin day. What’s Botin, you ask? It’s the world’s oldest restaurant. Hemingway ate there. (Of course, everywhere you go in Madrid, you see signs that “Hemingway ate here.”) Their specialty is roasted suckling pig. And it was amazing. When I told my dad I was going to Madrid, the first thing he suggested was making reservations here. Obedient daughter that I am, I made a reservation and dragged Terry along.


Outside restaurant. No comment on the hair. Humidity is not kind to me.
Doggone it – can you believe that menu got tangled up in my sweater and came back to the apartment? Oh well…
White asparagus and mayonnaise. Oh my.
Piggies. 🙂
White chocolate cheesecake. Because really, “Why not?”
So yes, Botin day was most definitely a highlight all around.

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