An early morning decision that we would NOT visit Toledo for the day meant we would instead spend the day wandering through the lovely Prado Museum. 

While having the Internet at our fingertips (literally), one can easily find photographs of works of art and give some amount of admiration to their beauty. But there really are no words to express how vast and stunning the paintings are. In five hours, we saw perhaps 1/2 of the facility but were too worn out to carry on. There are approximately 25-30 masterpieces on display and we made a point to see most of them. It is remarkable to stand before works of art that are 500+ years old and have so much detail that you momentarily think it could be a photograph and not a masterpiece. There is a large Goya exhibit, 10 Picassos, many others that my brain is not remembering. What a special treat to visit.
Of course there is no photography allowed (although with many groups of students, there was the occasional selfie when nobody was looking), but we purchased a guide book that contains photos of the collection. Terry and I each spotted paintings of children and we could see Kaelyn and Brooklyn in them. Maybe we are just getting homesick and ready to go home to some grandbaby snuggles. 🙂
It’s 7:00pm and I am in charge of our evening plans. So far propping up the feet and answering emails has been popular but sustenance will need to come into play. Tomorrow is our last day in Madrid. Aside from reservations at the world’s oldest restaurant, Botin, we have no real plans. Things are winding down and we don’t have enough time to really explore but we have certainly enjoyed what we have seen and done.
Ornate church next to the Prado:

5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. I know what you mean about seeing works of art in person. I was flabbergasted the first time I saw such things! To me it never gets old either. I wept when I saw Michelangelo’s David, it just came to life. It was one of the most moving things, along with his “unfinished” statues, that I have ever seen. Amazing experiences for the two of you!!! We miss you here in CA too!!!


  2. BTW, the only “authentic painting” here is going on our walls. Three bedrooms down, utility room to go. 🙂


  3. I had the same thoughts on our mission trip! Not the same, At. All. but it struck me seeing some of the paintings and statues in the churches that seeing it in real life makes such a difference.


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