Men vs. Women

You might think this blog is about insight into the sex roles seen in Europe. 


Terry’s stuff vs. My stuff:

It’s hard to even say how and why this happens except I am forever “The Mommy.” Need a sewing kit? I’ve got it. Need an extra phone charger? I’ve got it. Need an extra European adapter? I’ve got a dozen. Travel coat hangers with clips to hang wet laundry? I’ve got two. Laptop? Check. iPad mini? Check. Pair of shoes I brought and have not yet worn? Check. Wrinkle release? You know it. Coconut oil? Duh. Who leaves home without it? Essential oils? Uh huh. Imodium AD, migraine meds, baby aspirin, laundry detergent? Yup. Souvenirs? Yes indeed. 

Men vs. women insight: men may be more minimized in travel but we women have got the goods.

After 10 glorious hours of sleep, we are off to see the Palace. They’ll probably ask us to stay for tapas later. 😉

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