It is late and I am so tired that I do not trust my typing skills, so a photo blog of our day in Madrid:

From finish to start: visit to the Chocolateria, dinner in Plaza Mayor, cookies from the nuns(which is the coolest thing ever!!!!!), cathedral, Royal Palace of Madrid, another cathedral = 7 miles of walking.

Feeling a little (ok a ton but I’m not telling Terry the extent) plantar fasciitis coming on from all the walking. Yuck. I told my heel I need a few more days out of it and next week we can resume our sloth-like existence.

Tomorrow may be a day trip to Toledo but the more we look, the more we think there isn’t much to do there so we may skip it and go to the Prado Museum instead.

Madrid is a beautiful city with friendly people. They speak less English here than they did in Italy.  Like we should all be, they are very proud of where they live.


6 thoughts on “Madrid/Monday

  1. Ice rub for the heels? Don’t let them fail you now! Think of the long flight home where you can sit! Pictures are fantastic!!!


  2. Looks so cool! I showed Matt the picture from the cathedral and said “I’ve never been to a Catholic Church is this what they look like” he said “no this ones yoked!” Lol


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