Longest. Day. Ever. Left hotel at 8am and got to Milan hotel at 12:30an after a 7 course Italian dinner. As I write this, it’s 7am Wed and we leave at 8:30. 

Yesterday our group of a dozen or so ride the Italferr high speed rail for the first time. It is fantastic. Unless you happen to be in a seat going backwards for the ride. Then it’s still amazing with a motion sick wooziness aspect. There is lots of agriculture here, much like the Central Valley, and it’s been interesting to learn about the challenges they went through to put the tracks in. The engineers are having a ball. The “4 wives” are, too, but a shopping expedition would add to our enjoyment (not Happening). 

Up Wednesday: a field trip to a construction site. They have put safety vests and hard hats in our hotel room and I can only imagine how nice my hair will look after that experience. 🙂

Random pictures and I will add captions when I get to a computer. 


5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Looks fabulous despite the fact it you don’t have a shopping trip! I hope your cold is gone and you are both feeling good, also rested! That must have been some dinner!


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