Travel the world and the seven seas…

Welcome! Instead of adding my travel adventures on my regular blog, I decided to start one just for travel. While I don’t feel like I travel a lot, my friends tell me often, “You’re never in town,” so maybe I do. Feel free to travel vicariously with us if you like!

“Hey, wanna go…” is a useful phrase. Sometimes it’s me saying it to my husband and can be followed by: “…out for dinner? …for frozen yogurt? …shooting? …to the coast? …to Target?”

Sometime’s it’s him and is followed by: “…to Lowe’s? …to Wendy’s?”

But in February, it was good. Better than Lowe’s AND Wendy’s in a combined trip. As my mom and I were walking through the Snyder, Texas cemetery (yeah, we’re weird), it was a text from him saying, “Hey, wanna go to Italy?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

The upcoming trip is a good one: Our first trip to Europe. I’m super excited, though I’d be a little more excited if my cute clothes fit. Oh well. After Italy and Spain, I’ll come home and work on those extra pounds. But for Italy, I plan to eat pasta and gelato. Spain? Roasted suckling pig and tapas, of course! Oh and cookies from the cloistered nuns.

[A side-note to any burglars reading: there will be a house-sitter at our house, along with a dog who hates most people. Of value: there’s a 15 year old TV in the living room that our son in law gave us. It buzzes a little when it first comes on, but once it warms up, it’s not bad. If you take it, please dust underneath so the police don’t think I’m a terrible housekeeper.]

We leave in four days, so today seemed like a perfect day to buy a new suitcase and start packing.


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