IMG_5926.2As a young child, my parents took me and my siblings on countless road trips. Each one was an adventure and, with the help of Dramamine, I saw much of Texas, Colorado, and the Southwest. As I got older, I realized the world was bigger than Texas [though few Texans believe this reality! 😊].

I had been planning my own family’s travel for many years, but my adult passion for travel kicked in when I received a text, “Hey wanna go to Italy?” (YES, please!) I was hooked. Soon after, it was logical to take the next step to become eligible to book travel for others and Hey Wanna Go [Travel Services] took root. God created a beautiful world and I believe that we can learn much about each other when we explore it.


Why is my logo a key? I have always loved the mysteries that old keys hold. What might they unlock? I believe travel is the same way. It unlocks a deeper understanding of different cultures and people. It allows you to see places in person. Looking at Google images of far away places is not the same as seeing them in person!

Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon/anniversary trip, a bucket list/adventure trip, a historical tour of Europe, a cruise, or you want to follow The Beatles’ footsteps [literally] and cross Abbey Road in London and ferry ‘cross the Mersey in Liverpool, I will work with you to plan and book your perfect getaway.

Take a look around the site for answers to these common questions:

I hope to build the trip of your dreams. Follow this link to submit your travel request, call/text 805-39-WANNA (92662), or email cheryl@heywannago.com and let’s start planning today!

So…where do YOU wanna go?! Let’s work together to unlock your travel dreams.