Why use Cheryl as a Travel Advisor?
  • Life gets busy and you may not have the time (or interest) to properly plan a trip. Do you really want to spend your hard earned funds on a poorly planned vacation? Do you trust that an online booking engine or big box store has your best interest at heart and will be there for you during travel? Will those agents give you their mobile numbers to use during travel?
  • I am certified with The Travel Institute's Certified Travel Associate program and am also a member of the American Society of Travel Advisors.
  • When I book your travels, I treat your trip as if it was for my own family.
  • My customer service will exceed your expectations.
  • Read my reviews on Google and Travel Leaders.
  • Hey Wanna Go Travel has been owned and by Cheryl Ogle since 2016 and operates out of Lubbock, Texas.
  • What started as a part-time side job to feed Cheryl’s passion for helping people create memories through travel soon grew beyond her expectations. Hey Wanna Go specializes in travel to Europe and the UK, as well as river and ocean cruises.
  • Ready to connect? cheryl@heywannago.com or 805-399-2662